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Allegany County Business Conference

The Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce is a membership driven business organization, with a simple goal- to help and support your business. Membership in the chamber is a great way to get your company or business involved in one of America's most dynamic business communities. 


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“The Greater Allegany County Chamber is making the county a better place to live, a better place to visit and a better place to do business.”

-Legislative Chairman Curt Crandall

Businesses and individuals all over the nation have realized the benefit of joining a chamber of commerce, and now with the recent formation of the county-wide chamber, businesses, organizations and individuals all over Allegany County have the chance to take advantage of the benefits of joining the Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce.  


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Allegany County New York is known for its pristine lakes and streams, abundant wildlife, woodland trails and scenic countryside. It offers endless venues for the nature lover, photographers, hunters and anglers alike.  There are designated areas for hiking, bike trails, fishing, and snowmobiling, ATV trails, boating on lakes and canoeing on the Genesee River. We host many festivals and events for all seasons, and don't forget we also have a general aviation airport!


For more information, please visit:

New Members

Whitwood Motors
Auto Sales and Complete Auto Service
2961 Airway Road
Wellsville, NY  14895

Featured Business



We are in this together. We all can make a difference!  ~Gretchen

Become an Allegany County Visitor A2D Champion!

What is A2D?

Allegany County - Visitor Journey A2D™ is a new Visitor Champion training that helps everyone in our destination create positive visitor experiences from their Arrival to Departure, or from A2D!

Highly customized for our area, this course helps our entire community learn more about the richness of what we offer visitors. Participants LEARN about what makes our area so special, SHARE their knowledge with others, and join together to STRENGTHEN TOURISM, which benefits us all!

Who is it for?

The Visitor Journey A2D™ program benefits anyone who works directly with visitors or anyone who might encounter a visitor in the course of their job duties. Citizens and non-traditional hospitality positions, for example Realtors and Police Officers, will also benefit from learning about helping visitors and how important they are to our local economy

Why Take the Course?

Tourism is very important to our destination. The Visitor Journey A2D™ tourism training program was designed to increase awareness of how all of the tourism sectors fit together to build the visitor’s total experience. And, how one person’s actions can create a snowball effect of negative – or positive – encounters. Visitors who have a negative encounter – or feel unwelcome – have the means through social media to tell hundreds of people about their bad experience. This bad publicity impacts income generated from tourism for the worse and, over time, can adversely affect our entire community. Visitors that have an enjoyable experience will spend more, plan to return in the future, and will tell their friends about the great place they just visited! The money generated from visitor spending not only benefits local businesses, it also moves through our community, in a multiplier effect, providing lower taxes, new amenities and better infrastructure, which increases everyone’s quality of life

How Does it Work?

Visitor Journey A2D™ is an online learning program: ONLINE COURSE There are seven short modules filled with videos, activities and quizzes about our area and helping visitors. The Online Course takes about 120-minutes to complete, but you can come and go and finish it at your own pace. Once you’ve successfully completed the course and passed the final quiz, you’ll achieve your Allegany County Visitor A2D Champion™ certificate! Visitor A2D Champions continue to learn about our destination with access to special resources, updates, and invitations to FAM Tours and industry events.

What Does It Cover? The interactive and easy to follow A2D training helps you create positive experiences by arming you with local resources, service skills and an increased understanding of your importance to our local tourism industry. Modules cover how tourism works, discovering our area, answering visitor questions, helping upset customers, and much more. The Online Course activities explore our destination’s unique assets, attractions and challenges in helping visitors.

The Allegany County –Visitor Journey A2D™ program is open to anyone interested in learning more about our local tourism and helping visitors. When you sign up, you’ll receive immediate access to the Online Course and complete it when it fits your schedule. The cost is Free! Go to to register in the A2D Learning Center and get started on your journey! Questions?
Please contact us to learn more

Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce and Office of Tourism.

585-268-7190 / 800-836-1869



Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
6087 State Road 19
Belmont, NY 14813
Phone: 585-268-7190 or 585-268-7443


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