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"Confluence" to perform at Palmer Opera House

"Confluence" to perform at Palmer Opera House

CONFLUENCE is a mother-daughter duo from Western New York State, performing from Toronto to Atlanta. Nadine contributes the flute and foot percussion, Barbara contributes the piano, and both contribute their joy of playing traditional music from Quebec, New England, Ireland and beyond for concerts and dances, plus original tunes and extra twists. Whether silky-lyrical or intensely driving, their music is infused with warmth and technical skill. NADINE DYSKANT-MILLER grew up going to contra dances and festivals. Soon after beginning flute, she became addicted to tunes at a local jam session. She graduated from the University of Michigan School of Music as a composer and flutist while continuing traditional music. Some other things she may be found doing (not necessarily at the same time) include: working on small organic farms, performing traditional tunes and songs with the band Ensoleil, writing and performing experimental performance situations as part of the Suburban Piano Quartet, contra dancing, and cross-country skiing with her dad. BARBARA DYSKANT has enjoyed piano all her life. Since beginning classical training at age 9, she branched out into blues, jazz, Latin and swing, including leading a nine-piece band. She started playing traditional music when Nadine persuaded her to go to a session 13 years ago, and has been in love with it ever since. She started the Southern Tier Country Dance Society 15 years ago. She also loves gardening, hiking, dancing, photography, swimming, meeting people, and learning about the world. If she can bring happiness to people through her music, she's happy. "This concert will celebrate the release of Confluence's new CD, "An Early Spring". For more information on the band visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/confluencemusic/, or email Barbara at bdyskant@gmail.com. Admission is by donation, and refreshments will be available. Donations to benefit the ongoing maintenance and improvements at the Palmer Opera House. The Palmer Opera House in Cuba is a vintage theater located in New York. This historic theater is steeped with rich character and details of another era. Palmer Opera House was built in 1867, and after a long and rich history fell into disrepair and restoration began in 2006 by the Cuba Friends of Architecture, the non profit organization charged with maintaining the historic venue. Please join us for the concert on Friday July 21st, at 7:30 PM. For more information on the Cuba Friends of Architecture, or for more information on the Palmer please contact the Palmer Opera House at (585) 209-5512, or PalmerOperaHouse@gmail.com
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