Manufacturing Council

This committee is comprised of Board members and members from the industrial, manufacturing, trades industry. The council will meet on a regular basis to direct action that will improve the business climate, develop strategic partnerships with each other to help improve the movement of goods and services into and out of the county. The goal of the committee will be to develop and improve a range of services for existing manufacturers, assisting expansion, and generally improving the business climate in Allegany County. The Council may have many members, but will also have an oversight committee that meets on a regular basis and will inform all council members of any action items.

Manufacturing Council Members ~ Brian Loucks, Gretchen Hanchett, Joe W. Hart/Lufkin, John Mulryan/Lufkin, Jon Nickerson, Karen Comstock/DR-HR, Lisa Lee/LW, Mark Brophy/Alstom, Stephen Martinelli/AS, Michael Zakel/Alstom, Michele Lichy/WIB, Ralph Naples, Reita Sobeck-Lynch, Roger Mitchell/Friendship Dairies, David Scarr/WLS Dresser-Rand, Steve Sentz/Cuba Specialty, Thomas Hennessy/Alstom, Tom Shoup/Lufkin

Press Release: "...The Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce (GACCC) is pleased to announce; Christine “Libby” Jefferds has accepted the chair position of the Greater Allegany Co. Manufacturing Council. She will be replacing Joe Hart who chaired the GACCC Manufacturing council for 5 years...."
Read more - Christine “Libby” Jefferds has accepted the chair position


Manufacturing Council Strategic Plan


Address challenges facing the local industrial and manufacturing community, which might include new legislation, business, job creation, safety issues and others. Address issues relating to improving competitiveness of industrial businesses, including workforce, supply chain and cost of doing business. Provide input to the educational institutions of the training needs for industry. Work with government agencies focused on introducing innovation to the marketplace via incentive programs.



Provide resources and developmental opportunities that meet the unique challenges of manufacturing. Enable council members to successfully manage and provide services for their customers.

  • Build a membership network to share information and best practices.
  • Promote benchmarking opportunities applicable to manufacturing.
  • Grow the council through creating and delivering value to the council members.