Allegany County Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Group

The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Group is a group made up of members of the Economic and Business Community, Tourism Community, planning and interested citizens of Allegany County. They are appointed by the County Legislature. They review actions and work to implement the actions that are contained in the Comprehensive Plan.


The Plan

The Allegany County Comprehensive Plan project is complete and the plan was approved in July 2008. The plan was developed under a very aggressive schedule. The plan covers all the topics outlined under Section 239 - d of the New York State General Municipal Law. Some parts of the plan utilize a reference to other plans as its primary method of covering a topic. Examples of this include a recently completed Agriculture Plan and a Hazard Mitigation Plan. As these other plans already cover their topic in detail it is best to have them be the plan for the topic of discussion and allow the specialists who created these plans to update them on a regular basis. Some sections of this new plan will indicate that a more thorough analysis needs to be undertaken and a specilized plan be created to cover the topic.



 Allegany County Comprehensive Planning